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One Size Does Not Fit All

I’m tired.  It’s 7 a.m. and for the third night in a row last night, my head didn’t hit the pillow until well after midnight.  I am not a night owl and I am not a spring chicken; I am … Continue reading

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Guest post: Melissa on bushwacking

Picture this: a bird’s eye view of the Catskill Park, dotted with hikers scattered around in twos and threes, here and there, scrabbling up and down peaks and swimming through thick prickers and pines all weekend long.  And then, Sunday … Continue reading

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Stupid crazy lucky? Halcott!

Stupid-crazy-skillful-lucky.  Take your pick.  I hit up Halcott, solo, and the first thing I did was lose my compass. To backtrack a little: I have been hankering for a rainy day and a solo hike for a while.   Red Cloud, … Continue reading

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Depression-Repellant and Bathrooms

I wish reality worked better as a depression-repellant.  My ability render mercurial a bad mood just by “counting my blessings” or taking an inventory, or even countering the logical fallacies: eh.  Limp repulsion at best.  It’s that disconnect between what … Continue reading

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Between two ponds

[Written for Orion Magazine’s “The Place You Live” section.  Click here to check it out there.] I live between two ponds, connected by a slow, sedge-lined creek.  Cardinal flowers adorn the banks in August, and pointy-tipped tree trunks tell beavers’ … Continue reading

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Quantum Popeye

These weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a tricky time for gratitude and balance.  I resent the outpouring of saccharin gratitude foisted upon me from every direction during the Thanksgiving “season.”  I become anti-gratitude; curmudgeonly and resentful in response to … Continue reading

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Honey Melon Gratitude

Honey Melon Fudge has hit the shelves!  It is finally, fully, completely and utterly available for purchase.  While you can purchase a copy from any major online retailer (ok – Amazon and B&N as of this post.  Borders always takes … Continue reading

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