Day 3: There’s NO Crying in Rescue

Rollercoaster is the only word for the day. I did fall apart and cry for a while while cleaning up a mountain of vomit.  I don’t mind the puke (well, I do, but that’s not what made me cry); I just feel like we’re going backwards.  Red still has impressive diarrhea, and now vomiting.  Despair.

The day started with a high: Red actually looked bigger for a while and we thought we’d turned a corner.  Red was bigger until he vomited – then he deflated back down to his skinny-minny size.

Emails, phone calls, great tips from Facebook friends, and I pulled myself together.  RedCloud is doing better: he is perky, seeking interaction with people and dogs in a playful, (mostly) appropriate manner.  He does grab my hands or sleeves to initiate play, but accepts gentle reminders that humans call that biting and don’t allow it.  He also thought folding a towel or tablecloth was a wonderful idea and tried to get involved, but again, takes it well when I redirect. His eyes have cleared and he is coughing less.  He is up and about a little more today, resting plenty but more active and more perky than yesterday despite eating less and puking more.

I was also worrying about lack of local veterinary back up – Iske and Lily’s vets weren’t right for this task.  They have been a great help in the past and are good docs, but they aren’t what I need now.  What I need now showed up in the form of Barbara MacMullen, a vet who offers a “house call only” practice – nice low overhead, plenty of telephone responsiveness, and a close relationship with the emergency clinic.  We saw eye to eye immediately and she is on our team.  Benoit, the owner of Pleasant Stone Farm (health food store in Ellenville, NY), also joined Team RedCloud, fixing us up with digestive enzymes and canine probiotics.  With Sara from Florida only an email away, the team is complete. The support is key; it really does take a village, even for a sweet goofy dog.

RedCloud loves: chewing on antlers, his new homeopathic medicine, every kind of being petted, sleeping in sunshine, his fluffy bed, getting sprayed by the hose, and Lily’s back end.

RedCloud hates: stairs, sudden loud noises, sticks, being held still (like to get medicine) and Merlot (just kidding – I threw in a Sideways reference in case my mom is reading this).

Tomorrow: TGIF, and workweek 1 comes to a close.Hopefully new photos will grace these pages soon!

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