Red’s Day

Since only Richard Adams can get away with writing from an animals’ perspective in the first person, I’ll narrate.  Red would probably only add adolescent male comments anyway.

2-4am: At some point within these hours, Tom gets up and Takes RedCloud out.  RedCloud lets loose (no pun intended) with his yucky nocturnal emissions.  Back to bed.

6 am: Maya (age 16, junior in High School) gets up and lets RedCloud out of his crate.  Red calmly walks to the door.  Maya takes Red out for his next potty break.

6:15 am: Red, Iske, Lily, and the adult humans go for a walk – usually about half a mile.  We are often joined by bears, beavers, otters, great blue herons, mallards or wood ducks, red efts, water snakes… you get the picture.

6:30 am: breakfast.  Meals are prepped in the kitchen and served in the bathroom, away from the prying eyes of the other dogs.  Red has graduated to brown rice, plain yogurt, sweet potatoes, and a small handful of kibble.  This mealtimes ritual is repeated every two hours for the next 14 to 16 hours.

6:32 am: Red wipes his yogurt-stained face on Heather’s work clothes if possible.  He joins the family in the kitchen for coffee, toast, and the day’s air traffic control updates (e.g. what time is the late bus, whose got a chiropractor appointment, and is anyone stopping by the health food store?).

7:00 am (approx): RedCloud heads back to bed, either in his crate, or on Iske’s chair.  Iske has taken one whiff of his drippy eyes and decided that she can share.

8:30 am: next meal

Sometimes between 8:30 and 10:30: another short walk

10:30 am: meal

11 or so: The human in charge loses consciousness on the red couch.

11:30 am: The human’s snoring wakes up Red, who then wakes up the human.

12:30 pm: meal

Sometimes between 1 and 3pm: the big walk of the day for RedCloud.  About one mile seems to be fine – no evidence of sore feet or sore muscles.  Some coughing from uphills.

2:30 pm: meal

Around 2-3 – Heather heads off to work, firing instructions over her shoulder at Tom, who nods benignly and smiles.

3:00 pm: Maya gets home and disappears upstairs, buried under textbooks and a very lovely new laptop.

5:30 pm: All you-know-what breaks loose.  Heather gets home tired, worried and distracted from trying to pack 7 hours worth of work into a 2 hour day at the office.  Red wants to play.  Tom wants dinner.  Heather wants to go running.

5:45 pm: Heather goes running with Iske and Lily.  Red and Tom drink a beer and lie on the couch.

6:15 pm: Heather returns home in a much better mood.  Somehow, magically, a gourmet meal using all local organic ingredients (often vegan, always vegetarian) appears on the table within one hour.  Red helps by getting in the way as much as possible, horking loudly, and starting fights with Iske and Lily.

6:30 pm: Tom makes RedCloud some dinner, pulling everything out and spreading it all over the kitchen table while Heather tries to make the humans dinner.  Heather snarks at Tom.  Tom pours Heather a glass of excellent vidal blanc (from a vineyard less than 50 miles away).  Peace is restored.

Let’s face it – the rest of the evening is a blur.  Emails, facebook, writing a blogpost, posing for photos… Red settles in and hears that crate door shut at about 10 pm, and is a quiet good boy til morning.

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