Just a quickie

Oh boy will this title get me some unwanted spam or what?  Groan…  but you all had to check, just in case I’d lost my sense of propriety and posted something unexpectedly racy.

Nothing racy today except a full frontal photo of Mr. Cloud.  He is the subject of this post and the object of my affections.  All is well.  RedCloud has graduated to eating normally: he eats what the other dogs eat, and is gaining weight slowly.  He gets 2-3 times more food than would be recommended for his weight, but that’s the point.  At some future point he’ll settle down to 2 meals a day, but for now we’re at 3 plus snacks.  At last weigh in he was 59 pounds even.

Oh Red...

He is available for adoption.  I know I’ve said this before, but like Hello?  Did you hear me, universe?  He is available, so let’s make something wonderful happen.  So far, total silence from the dog wanting world.  That’s fine, he is safe and relatively comfortable (except when he plays with porcupines…) and is welcome to stay indefinitely.  But now that I know he may go, I would kind of like him to arrive someplace where he can settle in forever.  He is starting to show more typical malinois traits, like suffering when he is not with people.  At first, he didn’t cry when he was alone in his crate.  Now he does.  I think this is good – he’s beginning to show that he wants to be with us.  For both of us – him and me – he needs to go to a forever home soon, before we bond too deeply.

I keep thinking that I’ll do something with him or for him, like call the Eagle Valley search and rescue training dude to have Red evaluated for search and rescue work.  Or I’ll call my friend Rosanna to find out about her “nosework” program.  Truth?  I have NO time to take on anything of the sort.  It isn’t possible without dropping something else, and right now I’m committed up the wazoo.

This dog fostering is addictive.  I feel like I’m getting just a tiny taste of what it might be like to be an ER doctor or other “first responder” type.  I get a bit of a rush from the newness of the dog, the urgency of his needs, and the satisfaction of helping him move from urgent-emergency needs to stable and maintenance needs.  Now that he is truly stable and healthy, I feel more ready to let go, emotionally ready to bear the loss of his foolish grin and eye-to-eye bear hugs when I get home from work.  The first stage is work, but this next stage with him seems like much more work to me: the hugely important daily grind of obedience training and exercise and play and love that he will require.  I never knew just how low maintenance my dogs were until this boy came along.

So dog people out there, start thinking: who do we know that would make a great match for this boy?  He wants a home where people are dog savvy, ready to be alpha, and interested in doing normal doggie things with him, like attending classes or training him or running with him or all of the above.  He needs practice riding in a car, he needs supervision when uncrated (he likes to chew/shred soft things, like couch pillows or dog beds), and he needs help being safe off the leash (lots more work before he is off-leash anywhere but truly “safe” places – like hiking trails, fenced backyards, or dog parks).  That’s it.  That’s the full list of his “issues.”

For more info, please see Red’s online dating profile: http://www.malinoisrescue.org/nerescue.shtml#RedCloud

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2 Responses to Just a quickie

  1. Mike says:

    Enjoyed hiking with Red, Tom, and you on Sunday (and your other two dogs). Red is such a beautiful dog. He just loves to run. Never seen a dog that could run so fast, so far, for so long. But, always comes back to humans for a little affection before running ahead again. Just love that airplane propeller tail. His tail is constantly rotating as he runs. He just loves everyone. Such a good natured dog. Will make someone an excellent pet.

    • halia466 says:

      You heard it right here, folks! An unsolicited testimonial! [Here, Mike, take the bills under the table…]

      In all seriousness, thank you for your comments and for hosting a great visit to some lovely tucked away spots. Red does love to run – I took him up Ashokan High Point today for a stroll and I think he did the entire mountain twice. He is very nicely sacked out as we type!

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