Guest post by Maya Fischer

Maya Fischer’s recent poetry is compelling, if I do say so myself. And I do. Enjoy!

Cold and awake, alone in an empty house

searching, digging, hoping

not finding food or souls to help.

The lights flicker and dim to the feel

of the creaks in the walls and floorboards

down to the tips of our fingers and toes.

Smiling in the dark of this house

alone but thinking of you and our last encounter

in the woods near your car

outlined in headlights.

Leaves crackled as we moved closer to whisper

nothing and everything together and apart.

I think of our exchange now, in the flickering lights

and remember the exaggeration of your jaw line

as you said to me softly,

“Create nothing that you wouldn’t willingly destroy

for everything”.

Maya Fischer

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1 Response to Guest post by Maya Fischer

  1. melissa says:

    what carefully selected and beautifully expressed images. “The lights flicker and dim to the feel” is such a pleasure to have in one’s mouth, the instinctively correct pacing of the line, and its sounds: the soft f’s and short i’s and tongue-to-teeth l’s. “outlined in headlights” is perfectly whittled down and a visual that gives the reader pause. “our fingers and toes” moves the reader seamlessly from being alone with the inanimate to self-aware with another. the choice to break the line at “moved closer to whisper” was breathtaking. thank you very much for sharing this.

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