To Do List: A Work In Progress

What?  Posting a “to do” list?  Oh, that should make a fascinating read (what’s the font of choice for sarcasm?).  I mentioned this planned post to a colleague who turned greenish, said something about privacy and departed. But for me this is neither a huge self-disclosure moment nor (hopefully) a compendium of tediousness.  Posting the project list is a way of holding my feet to the fire, building a bit of a buzz, and as is so often the case, opening myself up to help, advice, and feedback.  All of which I welcome.

In the writing and selling written words department, the front burner project involves getting Finders, Seekers, Losers, Keepers and Honey Melon Fudge ready for sale as e-books.  [Thank you to those who read my last post and pushed me in this direction.  Excellent advice received and acted upon!]  My plan is to work on Psalmsong (or Sahm’s Song?  Or some other name?).  Rewrite, line edit, copy edit again, rename (?) and then make it available as an e-book.  And last on this writing to do list is the creation of a proposal for my hiking memoir.  I will write a real, formal, traditional publishing style proposal this year… maybe even this summer.

In the mountains, I have a few projects underway.  My solo round of the Catskill 35 is going well (thanks, Tom, for having surgery again, effectively eliminating my ability to hike with you for several months).  I plan to undertake “The Nine” – one of the more difficult day hikes in the Catskills in which the hiker summits 9 mountains in one day (4 bushwacks and 5 trailed).  I plan to volunteer at Hunter Mountain as a Fire Tower Steward again this year, and I have signed up to lead 3 hikes this summer: 2 of them yoga-hiking combos (Mountain Top Yoga!  Yee-ha!  Or make that Namasteee-ha!).  And don’t forget the Gowns For Greenbacks project – all 35 peaks all over again while wearing a ballgown!  You’ll know where to find me this summer.

I guess it is sort of a project to NOT adopt or foster another dog since 3 is too many.  [I just said that for Tom’s sake.  You all know I can’t resist a skinny, needy, PTSD malinois when I see one…]  If you need to help with malinois rescue efforts (or you currently own fewer than 4 dogs) click here for more info.

September will see me become an empty nester and that is the subject of another post.  But this summer will be my last summer as a fulltime mom-on-duty.  The to do list relevance?  Maya and I are deep in the throes of college-visiting, with another road trip scheduled next week.  If the next one is as much fun as the last, I might try to figure out a way to spend all my remaining time with my child in the car.  I think laughing burns more calories than running.  Weight loss program Maya-style.

Running: another entry on the to do list.  I plan to run in at least one 5k road race this season.  The Ellenville Run Like The Wind 5k to benefit the nursery school is the most likely victim.  It’s coming up soon: check back for results!

Maya said to me the other day “Academics, social life, sleep: you only get to pick two.”  Sometimes I feel like that – I am spread thin and at times resent the pull of housework, dog care, cooking and paid employment, as they all get in the way of doing all of the above.  But they also structure my life – my inner life as well as my time.  Having constraints enriches the rest of it.  Just as asana constrains the body — tightens or lengthens a muscle, shortens the breath or twists you up into a pretzel — life’s mundane necessities constrain creative self expression.  And yet they ARE creative self expression, even the complaining about them counts.  They are the work, the practice, the honing of skill and technique that lead to both bliss and ease.

It really is all good.

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2 Responses to To Do List: A Work In Progress

  1. mamadeon says:

    Love this post. I highly recommend the road trips with Maya – Louise and I have driven around the country a few times together. Our longest trip was 7 weeks. It was a phenomenal experience. Do it!

    • halia466 says:

      Thanks, MamaDeon! Yeah, who knew the road trip thing would work out so well? I laughed until I had to beg her to stop because my stomach hurt and I couldn’t see. Laughter eases the very real and imminent pain of letting her go. You are blazing that trail for me. I’ve been watching you and Louise move through this year with such grace and presence. Congrats again to Louise on EVERYTHING! and warmest hugs to you for being the mom. =)

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