Gowns for Greenbacks

Some of the Yoga Pants Hiking Boots readers might not know that I also hike in a ballgown sometimes.  Really.  It is a long story and Steve Hopkins of the Hudson Valley Chronic wrote it, so read his version.  It is much better than anything I could write about my own wacky efforts to weave fundraising and dressing inappropriately into a effective fundraising.

BUT – effective fundraising has happened.  My goofy little group affectionately known as g4g or “gownies” have raised $1600 bucks for flood relief for farmers in the post-Irene and Lee Catskills.  Not too shabby!

Details here: http://gowns4greenbacks.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/giant-ledge-hike-a-gigantic-success/

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