Maya and Anne

They call my generation the “sandwich” generation.  I am sandwiched between two women.

One recently moved to a different state, one thousand miles from where she had been living for nearly a decade.  She joined a progressive community group and began volunteering at her local food pantry and clothing closet.  In her spare time she takes tennis lessons and plays on a competitive team.  She found the local farm in her urban locale that offers fresh local produce and buys there whenever she can, despite the fact that she does not own a car.  She campaigned for Obama in the last election and regularly sends me political (and raunchy) emails.

The other woman recently moved to another country.  She is living a fully bilingual life, functioning in a language she barely knew three months ago.  She manages public transportation on a daily basis to do all she needs to do.  She is attending a demonstration against censorship this weekend (I have the pleasure of being able to utter an awesome phrase: “have a great time and don’t get arrested!”), but must be back in time to attend a video interview with an Ivy League university.  She’ll be back home in the United States next summer, but won’t spend much time living at home: she is already exploring opportunities for projects elsewhere.

These two women inspire and impress me.  They both defy the stereotypes of what women their age might do.  I am lucky and blessed to have them both in my life.  And yes, in case you don’t recognize them from my description, they are my mother and my daughter.

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  1. AJ Cantwell says:

    Love it…..

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