Mica’s Dating Profile

Dear Humans

I am a happy girl!

Do you have room in your heart and room in your home for a truly fun and unique dog?  Do you love to be active, playful, and outdoorsy?  Do you enjoy interacting with smart and creative canines?  Do you see how beautiful I am???

I’m talking to my family – that’s why my mouth looks funny.

My name is Mica, like the beautiful rock that is shiny and so much fun to handle.  I am 11 years old, and female.  I am healthy, in great physical shape, and need no special medicines or medical care.  I am an unusual color for a malinois: brindle with a lot of black overlay.  I am a little gray in my face, but that’s the only way you’d know I’m not a pup!

My story was sad: I had a family but it seems like only the dad liked me.  The mom had a small dog (a yorkie) and no one taught me how to be good around a little fast-moving animal like that.  I got tied up outside in the back yard and that’s where I lived.  My whole life, tied up or, if the weather got really bad, I got put in a crate on the back porch.  I don’t like crates much any more.  When my family decided to move, they dropped me off at a shelter.  ABMC got involved and now I live in a HOUSE with a foster family in upstate New York.

In the house, I am a real gem!  I settle nicely, NEVER have housebreaking accidents, and get along great with all my malinois dog foster-sisters.  I can be left loose in the house, uncrated, and I behave beautifully, even when my foster family isn’t home.  I do not chew or destroy things, and I respect the limits those silly humans set.  I stopped getting on the furniture when they asked me nicely.  I am happy to just hang out, snooze on dog beds, and chew bones.  When I need to potty, I dance around near the door, and if the silly humans are too slow to respond, I bark at them and run to the door.  They are learning.

Outside I love to run and I love to chase things.  This is my blessing and my curse.  I love to chase ANYTHING that moves, includes cars and especially big loud trucks.  My humans use a leash to keep me safe.  I prefer playing tug to fetch, and haven’t learned how to swim yet, but I’m not scared of the water.  In fact, I’m not scared of anything.  I love new experiences, new people, new dogs (big ones), and running.  I run with a pretty, prancing gait, and hold my tail high and smile.  I am fantastic out in the woods, happy to stay close to my foster mom and stay with the other dogs.  I respond well to “let’s go!” which means quit sniffing around or digging for a chipmunk and head down the trail.  Mom and I hiked with the forest ranger, and the ranger thought I was a great dog!

That’s me with Cinder in the woods.

I am still working on basic commands.  I can sit but “come,” “down,” and “stay” are a little harder for me.  I love treats, and am delighted to try to be good if you have a handful of something yummy.

All that chasing means I have a very high prey drive.  I need a home where this could be managed with a smile: I need humans to understand me and help me stay safe while I burn up my 11 years of pent up energy, and finally get to become the dog I always knew I could be.  I am spunky, fun, energetic, and adventurous.  I could do sports and even learn to do work if I had a family that would teach me.  I have so much potential it makes my foster mom and dad cry to think of me in my prime, bored and miserable tied up and ignored.  Well, I am NOT ignored now and I am ready to have fun!  I promise I will make you laugh with my prancing and dancing and make you cry when I snuggle in and let you pet me for the first time.  I am sweet and spicy, strong and beautiful, and so NOT ready to retire.  Help me show you what a fantastic idea a senior malinois can be!

Please write to me soon!





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