Into The Woods: A Different Sort of Craft Fair

I live in the woods. I make jewelry, when I’m not hiking or writing or making bread. The idea to combine all my different hobbies into one afternoon of fun and celebration of creativity evolved organically.

The flyer for this shindig is posted below, but here are the basics: Sunday, November 18, form 2 to 5 pm I will be hosting a party of sorts, with fellow makers of delightful items: Mira Liane Bowin, Sarah Kramer-Harrison, Karen Sawdey, Ashley Blake Brown, and Ustya! Expect jewelry, felted hats, original music cds, herbal preparations and concoctions, and delicious treats (cheesecakes for sale … oooohhhhh). We will be serving party food and drink (gratis of course) and generally having a lovely time. Imagine a craft fair without the church basement, and no crowds with all that cheek by jowl unpleasantness. That’s “Into The Woods.” Come on over, down, up, or over. You won’t regret it.

Here’s the flyer for the party/sale


But just in case you can’t make it (because you have that pisspoor excuse of living in Scotland or something) — my etsy shop is open for business and now through 11/18 10% of all sales will go to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Find my creations at

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