Fundraiser is Not a Dirty Word

I know when I heard the words “fund raiser” during all the years my daughter was in grade school I would just cringe: more cheap plastic crap I don’t need but will feel guilted into buying. Occasionally fund raisers are eagerly anticipated and delightful: the Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival, Girl Scout cookies, and the flower bulbs that my kid sold in fourth grade are all good cases in point. But in general – I hate the idea of asking or being asked for money as much as the next guy.

But sometimes a fund raiser is exactly what’s needed. When the tornadoes wiped out neighborhoods in Oklahoma earlier this week, an immediate response was called for and I heeded the call. I can’t always do everything for everyone, but sometimes the right thing to do next just leaps out of the abyss and bops me over the head. So here we are: I am fund raising in a specific and hopefully delightful way! Purchase any item from my etsy store and I will donate $5 per item. Stock up on gifts and I will just keep upping the donation amount! My goal is to sell 40 items to raise $200 by Monday, May 27. We can do this. If you can’t make a purchase, share or tweet or tell someone. We can make a difference in these tiny, drop in the bucket types of efforts.

I haven’t specified a recipient organization yet – my plan is to donate $100 to a pet-oriented group and $100 to a child-focused organization. I have several leads but would welcome additional suggestions.

Shop at Malaprop Designs: and don’t hesitate to contact me for more information, details or special orders. Yes, they would count too!

For you skimmers that don’t really read, here’s the super short and sweet skinny:

Shop at Malaprop Designs. For every item purchased, I donate $5 to tornado relief efforts. now through Memorial Day.

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1 Response to Fundraiser is Not a Dirty Word

  1. Cj Landry says:

    Thanks for caring, sharing and thinking about the ppl and pets that lost so very much!

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