MicaPie BarkyPants

A guest post by Madame Mica, the barkiest bitch in Bovina:

Summertime! It is a dog’s life, and I’m enjoying the dog days of summer here in my new upstate New York home. So much to bark about for you readers, please excuse me if my post isn’t the most elegant literary creation you ever read. There’s just too much news to share! And I am just a dog, after all.

First things first: thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers for my health. Mom isn’t sure quite how it happened, but my cancer seems to be gone. Yep, you heard me: gone. I have had a few other ups and downs this summer and have gotten to know my new vet rather too well (two emergencies in one month is a new record for me!), but while she had me sedated she gave my tummy a very careful and thorough poke and declared: “yup. The tumors are gone.” Happy dance, humans. Snoopy dance around your computers! This improvement means that maybe I will get my four winter peaks climbed and I can get my real FULL membership in the Catskill 3500 Club. That is my new goal. I need to live long enough and stay healthy enough to hike in December and grab my four winter peaks. Stay tuned and wish me luck. I’m gonna do it!

But I did have a couple of bumps in the road this summer: a mouth infection (OUCH!!!) that had me very confused and upset. I couldn’t yawn for days! Mom was scared that it was a new tumor but nope. Just a ‘fection. I have crappy old teeth. What can I say?

I also had a bad collision with Cinder at the pond on July 4th and that was no fun at all. Cinder jumped at me as I jumped for the stick, and she caught me just right with her paw. It was an accident but it was a disaster. The vet had to leave a party to come sew me up. I needed a drain and a t-shirt, which was kind of fun because I started a t-shirt fashion show on my Facebook group. All the doggies were posting picture of themselves wearing  t-shirts. It made me feel a little better.

See my scar?

See my scar?

I haven’t poked a porcupine in ages. Where do they all go in the summer??? I haven’t even smelled one in months!

Mom switched us to raw food, and between my super hiking adventures and all the delicious chicken, I think I am looking younger and stronger every day.

I look really good in the sunshine.

I look really good in the sunshine.

Mom also is pretty committed to annoying me as much as possible. She thinks that she needs to make up for all the years I didn’t have any affection in my life, so she smothers me. She comes over and sits next to me and pets me and kisses me and hugs me and generally invades my space and harasses me until I give in and let her rub my belly. Dad, on the other hand, thinks that All Dogs Love To Rough House. When he starts acting like that with me, teasing me and taunting me to jump on him and grab him, I get really upset. I bark and bark barkbark barkbarkbarkbarkbark. It is totally not ok with me. Iske and Cinder think it is the greatest thing and they play tug with his arms and legs and chew on him like he’s a chew toy. He’s good with that. But I can’t. No way. That is just too scary and upsetting. Mom holds me and comforts me when Daddy acts like that. Maybe one day… when mom lulls me into a snuggly sweet state of mind sometimes I get a tiny bit mouthy with her – just a teeny tiny little touch, like I’m whispering “I am a playful dog underneath it all.” But then I growl. I am just too scared that good feelings will go away, so I get mad when I have them. Mom understands. She’s crazy too.

Mom has been super busy. She is writing for Aunty Sarah, who runs a ghost writing team from her farm in Puerto Rico. I love Aunty Sarah – she is smart and funny and has dogs and cats and chickens and goats. Mom has been working closely with her on some great projects – I know this because mom has been yelling at me to be quiet a whole lot more lately.

Mom has also been working hard at her jewelry business, and she got into the Catskill Mountain Artisans Guild. That means her stuff will get much more exposure and hopefully lots more sales. Mom is happy but nervous. I think her work is settling into a nice groove. She has a couple of good earring designs that are unique but not weird. And a necklace style that I think looks great. Take a peek, humans. Buy something. Mom uses that money to buy me food.

We’re getting a doggie visitor soon! A boy dog with a bunch of yucky skin diseases (Mom really knows how to pick ‘em – sick, old, skinny… Mom never goes for the healthy puppies) is coming here to spend some time with us before going to live with his foster mom, Emily, in Massachusetts. His name is Jet and we are all eager to meet him. He looks like a nice boy, but very icky.

This is Jet. His face looks icky but we will love him and help him.

I am pretty busy on Facebook these days, chatting with humans and dogs and keeping my status updated. Please feel free to send me a friend request and I will bark at you on the ‘book!

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2 Responses to MicaPie BarkyPants

  1. Sandi says:

    I love you, Mica. That is all. ❤

  2. nancy says:

    So happy to here your cancer is in remission!!! You all are inspirations!

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