News from the Malaprop Designs World


Fluorite nuggets earrings and fluorite-jasper necklace. Antiqued bronze wire.

I don’t use my personal blog to promote my business, which is probably a bozo no-no, but I have intentionally used this space to be more intimate and random – not the Facebook persona (i.e. cartoon character) but a smidgeon more honest and vulnerable. That said, I know that some of you don’t do FB (I am envious and astonished by this!). So, for my non FB friends, here’s a little taste of what I’m up to in the jewelry world.



Sterling silver, rose gold, grey moonstones and the palest of blue topaz. Handmade clasp and links.


Jaspers galore. A custom piece designed to match earrings. Contact me to design something special for you!


Such fun! An elderly dictionary was scavenged and ravaged: actual dictionary pages are transformed into gorgeous pendants. $10 each.


Bracelets. I don’t make a lot of them although that’s changing. This one is sterling, rhodonite and peruvian pink opals. Pink!


handmade clasps, locally tanned deerskin, hand cut by a sweet friend and hiking buddy. Carnelians, chrysoprase, silver chips and dumortiereite. Great stuff.


close up of those carnelians. Pretty!

Tiger's eye chain earrings $40

Tiger’s eye chain earrings $40. I have a whole series of chain earrings – delicate and feminine and totally gorgeous. All $40. Sterling silver chain, handmade sterling ear wires.


Please feel free to check out my etsy store:

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