Princess Mica and the Evil Bananas


photo by Beth Adams of Candid Canine Photography. My Aunty Beth is the BEST.

photo by Beth Adams of Candid Canine Photography. My Aunty Beth is the BEST.

It’s not often that I use this blog to exhort you, my beloved readers, to do something. I’ll be straight up with you now: this time it’s different. There’s something I need you to do, and I need you to do it every day between now and March 9, 2014. It will cost you a little time and some bandwidth and that’s about it. But it could mean the world to a certain dog rescue organization.


Help me fetch the most votes!

Reader’s Digest Version:

The Shelter Challenge is a website that mounts contests in which different animal shelters and rescue organizations compete to win prizes. They posted a story contest called Celebrate Humor and I entered the tale “Princess Mica and the Evil Bananas.” I made it to the finals, which means that now the winner will be chosen by you, the general public, by means of voting for the story on their website. You can vote everyday from now til March 9th.  The story that earns the most votes wins $1000 for the rescue of their choice.


How To Vote:

Don’t use Internet Explorer to vote. Apparently the site doesn’t like it and it won’t work.

Go to

Click “Celebrate Humor” from the list of contests currently running.

Click “View Submissions.”

Click the purple “vote” button next to “Princess Mica and the Evil Bananas.”


Repeat from every different device you can think of, in as many different locations as you can! Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Spread the word. Get all your office mates and teenage children to participate. I’m posting the bebjeepers out of this on Facebook, but we also need to reach the folks that are not Facebookers. Hence this blog post.


If we win, I do not personally receive anything. Well, the glory and bragging rights, but no financial gain. The first prize is $1000 and 100% of that would go to the American Belgian Malinois Rescue, which is a totally volunteer-run 501©3 organization. I’m pretty involved as a volunteer so I can attest to a few things about this rescue:

  • the folks involved in the administration of this group are amazingly hard working, impressive in their knowledge of the dogs, both individually and collectively, and really freaking nice. They spend huge amounts of their time doing rescue-related tasks – using their own personal phones, vehicles, computers, etc. No one is paid a dime.
  • It takes an army. We have administrators, state coordinators, a transport coordinator, a webmistress, etc. – all volunteer. All also foster or adopt dogs themselves. All make themselves available to new foster parents or adoptive parents so that when we place dogs, things work out.
  • When you foster a dog for ABMR, the organization covers all veterinary expenses. Read that sentence again and let that sink in. We need financial help. We need to win this contest, and a few more contests!

A dog like Mica is a real case study in how amazing and how difficult rescue can be. She was rescued from a shelter at age 11. Had ABMR not stepped in, what were her chances of being adopted? Slim to none. But I took her in as a foster, because I was already overwhelmed with my own pack, and because I was really committed to the idea of fostering for ABMR – but I could only handle one foster at a time. I wanted to patch Mica up, emotionally speaking, and move her on so that I could take in another needy pup.


I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe you told everyone about the beaver.

I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe you told everyone about the beaver.

Fostering Mica meant that ABMR covered all her veterinary costs, and at age 11, it’s a good guess that there would be plenty. No one could have predicted Mica’s mishaps – how many times do you hear of a dog needing vet care after being attacked by a beaver? – but when she was diagnosed with mast cell sarcoma and in need of major surgery, the costs skyrocketed.


Pre cancer suregery. I wasn't feeling very well.

Pre cancer suregery. I wasn’t feeling very well.

No one at ABMR ever pressured me to adopt Mica. No one ever questioned my competence despite her repeated antics (porcupines, and beavers and fights with my dogs…). All I ever received was support and kindness and unwavering commitment to her. It is easy for me to support ABMR because what goes around comes around. And now I‘m asking you, my blog family, to join in and support ABMR too!


Thank you and many wags from my whole pack:

MicaPie CrankyPaws, Cinder Ella, Iske Bibble, Lily Anna Lilith, and our newest addition, Hawkitt.

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  1. halia466 says:

    WE WON! Great work voters! Thank you all so much!

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