Vocabulary, Commands and the Difference Between Hawkitt and Peeka

Hawkitt is a 4 year old Dutch Shepherd I adopted back in 2014. He is high drive, meaning he is [expletive deleted] relentless. One day he thought he had a shot at getting someone to play with him, so he asked over and over again, dropping the stick at the feet of about 6 different men — for 8 hours straight. No one ever threw it. He never stopped asking. That’s high drive.


Hawkie can reliably respond to the following commands:



hop up (AKA “place”)

up (jump on me)



leave it

around (walk around me in a circle)

down at a distance

paw or touch (wack it with your paw)



wait (different from stay. This means just hang on a second.)

go (this is when he is begging me to play and I want to continue to walk)


SH! or the one hand raised hand signal — this means silence and hold perfectly still. No panting. This is for those moments when I think I hear something in the woods that we all need to know about.

Play with the baby. This means do something to stop Peeka from acting weird. He usually just jumps on her and chews on various body parts.

Find it.

Settle down; go lie down; go away. Synonyms. All result in Hawkie crashing to the floor at my feet with a big sigh.

Back up.

Peeka can sit.


maybe down.

Sometimes she can come, although if I really want a nice response from her to a recall command I need to call Hawkitt. She will follow.


Same breed. Same trainer. Different dogs.

Very different dogs.




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1 Response to Vocabulary, Commands and the Difference Between Hawkitt and Peeka

  1. Christine Kroboth says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to read the rest! (And I don’t like to read so you’ve done good and peeked my interest! Lol

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