Expect Dog Hair and Delays!


Howdy T shirt buyers! I haz news!

I ordered 2 colors and saw the shirts yesterday. There are pink shirts (turquoise ink), and eggplant shirts (pale yellow ink). They are 100% cotton, made in the USA, and are lightweight. Same brand and same style as the red, white, and blue Mica Movie shirts (but a lighter weight than the gray Mica shirts). The pink color is a rich medium pink. Not muted or “dusty” at all, it’s a lovely, strong and bright mid-tone pink. The turquoise ink will be a gorgeous contrast. The eggplant color is sold as “oxblood black,” but it is NOT black at all. It’s a dark reddish purple, very saturated, and truly – it’s nice. It’s unique, not a maroon, not a red, not a purple, but a super cool color. The pale yellow ink will really pop. Both the eggplant and the yellow are more muted or “dusty” tones. I can’t get you photos … so you’ll have to take my word for it!

The image is the Bramley Wolf Press logo. It looks freaking awesome on the shirts.

Design by Kimberly McGuire

I’m using a local, family-owned print shop (Catskill Mountain Embroidery and Screenprinting), right here in Delhi, NY. They are extremely experienced and provide fabulous customer service, and do a wonderful job with price.

Because I’m using the local shop, I had to buy a bunch of shirts. This is where it gets a little wonky. I’ll have a stash of shirts. I’ll sell them. Some sizes will run out faster than others. I’ll have to reorder, but I’ll need to sell enough stock to have the money to reorder… blah blah blah. Basically: be patient with me. I am not a store. I’ll do my absolute best to give retail store customer service, but remember… I’m just a crazy dog lady sitting in a house in upstate NY. I might get distracted in the middle of filling your order because someone needs a potty break. I’ll be as fast, professional, and buttoned up as I possibly can, but expect dog hair and delays… then you can be pleasantly surprised if I’m on track!

Sizes: S-XL, and XXXL. I didn’t buy any XXL this time around.

This run will be first come, first served. Paying for a shirt reserves you a shirt. The shirts are $20 each, $5 for shipping. I will be happy to discount a bulk order — message me if you’d like more than 2 shirts and we can talk! I can take paypal or venmo — paypal email address is purplemayajaya@yahoo.com.

The shirts should be ready in about 2 weeks (roughly March 1, 2020). I’ll update y’all as I know more.

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