Honor the dog, not the dogma

Get yours! The Honor The Dog shirt is available at an amazing price ($13.50 per shirt, plus tax and shipping) if we hit 25 orders. Big waggy tails to all of you who already ordered a few (smooch!). Let’s get to 25 and create a tiny elite army of dog honorers! We’ve got a total of 2 weeks to do it, so don’t procrastinate. Click this link to do the deed: https://www.customink.com/g/hbm0-00c9-r23s?fbclid=IwAR1g8_mcdYvHlegJ8eLofiO4GW4ifHn-TRza-c50qo6vb_Hd5ofId8J4pwI

While we’re here, need a copy of Asking A Lot? Signed copies are available. Grab your copy of the book that gave rise to this motto. $27.80 gets you a signed copy — that includes shipping. Paypal to purplemayajaya@yahoo.com or if you’re a Venmo fan, use @haliagrace on there. Let me know if you need something special – snail mail a check, or ship as a gift.

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