About Yoga Pants, Hiking Boots

Welcome to Yoga Pants, Hiking Boots, Heather Rolland’s new blog.

Yoga Pants, Hiking Boots is the informal gathering place for nonfiction writings by Heather – maybe snippets of memoir or political rantings, maybe trip reports from a hike, or musings inspired by a hike. It is the place to read about hiking in the Cats and beyond, yoga on and off the mat, spirituality (especially the holy trinity: hostility, apathy, and irreverence), rescued belgian dogs, Catskill lore (old and new), and how all that stuff can get mixed up together into one wacky life.

The theme?  What’s a forty-something year old half-Jewish girl like me doing running around in the trailless wilderness with a bunch of yahoos and a pack of faux wolves?  I’m using writing as a way to figure that out.

1 Response to About Yoga Pants, Hiking Boots

  1. Ha. Maybe when you’ve figured it out you can let me know what a 40-something year old Scottish girl is doing sauntering round the trailless wilderness with sighthounds…

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