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The Cop Out – A Post for Trainers

It’s the first day of school, and you’re the teacher. You run a tight ship and the kids in your class do well. You know what you’re doing. This morning you are welcoming a new student into your classroom. You … Continue reading

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Expect Dog Hair and Delays!

T SHIRT NEWS: TWO WEEKS NOTICE! Howdy T shirt buyers! I haz news! I ordered 2 colors and saw the shirts yesterday. There are pink shirts (turquoise ink), and eggplant shirts (pale yellow ink). They are 100% cotton, made in … Continue reading

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Imagine getting a new job. Let’s pretend your new boss is eager to work well with you, and for you to work well with her. From the outset, however, you feel like your boss wants you to be different than … Continue reading

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If Self Doubt Was a Sport, I'd Be a Champion

I’ve been waking up early lately – 4:30 or 5 a.m. has become typical. I don’t get up, but lie there going over yesterday’s high points, or plans for the day, or ways to get revenge on people that irritate … Continue reading

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Second Chances

Bindi peed on the floor in the upstairs bedroom. It was totally my fault. She asked me to take her out, but I misinterpreted the request. In my defense it looked suspiciously like many other requests. “Play with me,” “love … Continue reading

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Happy Imperfect New Year!

Recently I posted an ode to imperfection, and the imperative to stop shoulding on ourselves. That nagging guilt of not being or doing enough, the Not Good Enough Wife-Mother-Friend-DogTrainer-RescueVolunteer-Hiker-CompetitiveAthlete… I’m exhausted and I haven’t even finished the sentence. Life is … Continue reading

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The Book or the Movie?

Asking A Lot exists as a manuscript, a full-length nonfiction work that explores my life here with dogs. Truth be told, I’m still writing and rewriting, revising and editing, and then writing some more. “Work in progress” is the clichéd … Continue reading

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