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It Snows Every Day

It Snows Every Day  We’ve shifted into the season that stretches from Thanksgiving to Easter on the mountain. Weather is no longer a matter of a forecast, but a comparison in the past tense: “how much did you get?” It … Continue reading

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The Fisher in the Hollow Tree

or “Things Your Dog Trainer will Never Tell You.” Five dogs off leash in the woods during hunting season: what could possibly go wrong? As I’ve shared in the past, all my dogs have impeccable recall. It’s the prerequisite to … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough

I have five dogs. One is a puppy. All are herding breeds, or predominantly herding breeds (said puppy is 60% German Shepherd, 40% kitchen sink), all high drive breeds, all needy in different ways. I own my own business, making … Continue reading

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Ahimsa: Thoughts on Being Good

Recently a military working dog made the headlines due to her role in a raid. While I typically avoid writing anything overtly political here, this event and the media coverage and the divergent responses from the malinois community dovetailed with … Continue reading

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Training, Bonding, and Bliss

Puppies bring revelations. Don’t adopt a new pup if you’d rather not reconsider everything you thought you knew about dogs… and life. Having new energy in the house seems to wring new thoughts, feelings, and revelations from me on a … Continue reading

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Beer, Steak, and Writing: Dog Training by Metaphor

I am blessed with a generous friend who is also a great trainer. She has witnessed Peeka and Hawkitt in their native habitat, has seen me managing them, and has been my “go to” person for all training and behavior … Continue reading

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Meeting Needs, 5 a.m. Puppy-Style

I spent a few years of my adult life as a single mom. Tuck that fact away for future reference. This morning Tom and I were awakened at 4:50 a.m. by impassioned whining. Bindi was crated for the night and … Continue reading

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