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politics, natural history, culture, and issues affecting the Catskill zone: Ulster, Greene, Delaware, and Sullivan counties

Losing Weight, Crazy Dog Lady Style

So I’m on a weight loss kick. My doctor does not think this is warranted but I’m vain enough to disagree. I miss my six pack abs (ok, they were only consistently a four pack with a Mom belly but … Continue reading

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The Twelve

  “Your ego is writing checks that your body can’t cover.” Ed Kirby, MD (my orthopedist) The Spark I’d been thinking about doing this hike for years. Some hikers get bitten by the bug – you look at a map … Continue reading

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How NOT to Hike Blackhead Mountain

4:13 a.m.: get up and pick your way to the bathroom stepping on or over at least 3 dogs. Take the maximum allowable dose of antacids for the GERD flareup you are experiencing. Pray that you’re having a GERD flare-up … Continue reading

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Someone recently said to me, as an offering of solace, that February is hard. Winter drags on through February, seemingly with renewed enthusiasm. I think we’ve had more snow in the first few weeks of February than we received in … Continue reading

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The Allure of the Pick-Up

Truck, that is.  The pick-up truck is a country road staple, as quintessentially “upstate New York” as aging apple orchards and aging hippies (at least in Woodstock and Ithaca). All kinds of pick-up trucks grace our back roads – gleaming … Continue reading

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Natural Disasters

I wrote this last week, in pieces here and there, in between trying to go to work (often unsuccessful due to the havoc Hurricane Irene wrought upon poor little Ellenville’s municipal water system) and walking the dogs.  I did a … Continue reading

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Good News — Bad News

Which do you want first? Ok, I’ll give you the bad news: looks like my books, Honey Melon Fudge and Finders, Seekers, Losers, Keepers are going to become commercially unavailable.  I’m pretty sure* they are going out of print.  If … Continue reading

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