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Welcome to #Wellness

I’ve toyed with writing a wellness blog for years. I’ve actually dipped my toes into this corner of the blogosphere a couple of times in the past, my recipe for green beans being one of my all-time favorite pieces of … Continue reading

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Hot Hiking: Yoga Pants Trail Runners Style

Hot yoga is silly. But at least it’s over in an hour or two. Hot hiking – say, for example, taking on 24+ mile trail on the hottest and most humid day so far this summer (temps above 90 in … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

It’s been quite a week, which is saying something since it is only 3:15 p.m. on a Monday. So far my day has included 5 abandoned sick puppies, disgruntled lobbyists, 2 fourteen year old dogs in need of rehoming, woodstove … Continue reading

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Losing Weight, Crazy Dog Lady Style

So I’m on a weight loss kick. My doctor does not think this is warranted but I’m vain enough to disagree. I miss my six pack abs (ok, they were only consistently a four pack with a Mom belly but … Continue reading

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Homemade Yogurt – The Pioneer Method

After posting my bread baking post, someone asked for the homemade yogurt recipe and instructions. Homemade yogurt is so much less expensive than store-bought, I just can’t imagine buying yogurt anymore. It is delicious and incredibly fresh-tasting – I prefer … Continue reading

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Baguettes for the Pioneer Lifestyle

Most people think of baguettes are yuppy, hipster, eurotrash food. Hopefully after this blog post goes viral, that limited thinking will end and folks will understand just how down-to-earth the humble baguette can be. No pretentions here, folks, and no … Continue reading

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Food Fads and Fascism

I’m going to make a blueberry peach pie sometime soon. It is going to happen. And when I do, it will have sugar in it. I will add sugar to the fruit, and the crust will be made of wheat … Continue reading

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