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Hide and Seek

I found ginseng the other day. I spend an inordinate amount of time in the woods, and almost all of that time is spent looking for, and/or looking at, stuff. I’ve looked for and found someone’s lost keys, a specific … Continue reading

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Hot Hiking: Yoga Pants Trail Runners Style

Hot yoga is silly. But at least it’s over in an hour or two. Hot hiking – say, for example, taking on 24+ mile trail on the hottest and most humid day so far this summer (temps above 90 in … Continue reading

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Losing Weight, Crazy Dog Lady Style

So I’m on a weight loss kick. My doctor does not think this is warranted but I’m vain enough to disagree. I miss my six pack abs (ok, they were only consistently a four pack with a Mom belly but … Continue reading

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Boring Post about Dog Training

Alert: Boring blog post on dog training contained herein. If dog training bores you as much as it bores me, just keep scrolling. If, however, you want to hear about my miraculous success that occurred because I actually read a book … Continue reading

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The Twelve

  “Your ego is writing checks that your body can’t cover.” Ed Kirby, MD (my orthopedist) The Spark I’d been thinking about doing this hike for years. Some hikers get bitten by the bug – you look at a map … Continue reading

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What is Hiking?

Each morning as I set out with my dogs, I know other people would call what I am doing hiking. I can’t bring myself to call it that. Why not? 1) I didn’t get in the car. 2) I’m not … Continue reading

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No! Leave it! Come!

Based on the photos and stories I post, I suspect that many of my Facebook friends envision me enjoying the woods with my dogs rather like a spritely wood nymph, hopping from rock to rock, blissfully singing songs (Led Zeppelin … Continue reading

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