Peeka T Shirt Fundraiser

Welcome to the Peeka T Shirt Fundraiser Homepage — this is your online home for details and FAQs regarding the Peeka T Shirts.

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About the shirts: 

Working with a local artist, we created a shirt to commemorate Peeka’s special relationship with the porcupines of Bramley Mountain and raise a little cash. It’s a prickly love affair for sure!

  • The shirts are 50/50 cotton polyester, and are made in the USA by Bella and Canvas. They come in sizes XS through XXXL.
  • They are printed in Delhi, NY, by Catskill Mountain Embroidery and Screenprinting. These folks are a small, family-run business working hard to do a nice job right here where I live. Yes, I could have gotten cheaper shirts and had the whole promotion handled online. That would have kept dog hair off the t shirts, and kept the t shirts out of my studio… but that’s not the priority here!
  • They are $20 each, and I am charging $5 for shipping and handling. Want multiple shirts? Shipping is free for orders over $50, and yes, you can combine with any haliagrace jewelry.
  • The artist is John Virga, of Bovina Center. He is also the creative force behind Bovina Brown Bats, an organization dedicated to supporting bat populations. He makes gorgeous bird and bat houses, as well as having a a degree in graphic design. And he rescued a fabulous fluffball of a husky. Echo is visually impaired, so John has to help be her eyes… and it’s amazing and so touching to watch him help her stay safe while having fun. He designed the haliagrace logo too!

About the fund raising:

After I make my initial costs, I plan to donate profits to the organizations listed below. If you don’t really need another t shirt, but you’d like to support these organizations, here’s some information and links —

  • American Belgian Malinois Rescue — this is the national organization that works to rescue and rehome Belgian Malinois in need. Peeka’s littermates were all fostered and adopted via ABMR.
  • North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue — NADSR is the organization that rescued Peeka. Small but mighty, NADSR helps Dutch Shepherds all over the USA to find appropriate homes.
  • Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center — based in Greene County, NY, the triple F wildlife center does an amazing job rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife of all stripes. From raptors to turtles and everything in between, Missy and her team work tirelessly to “let wild be wild.” Our donations will help a specific campaign to purchase a lead test kit for testing injured raptors in the field. Click here for more information.
  • Mayani Farms — a small scale organic and sustainable farm in Puerto Rico, Mayani Farms was flattened by Hurricane Maria. While the farmers and most of the livestock survived, a decade of work creating a rich and healthy farm ecosystem was destroyed. Paul and Sarah are among the hardest working people I know. Their story is truly awe-inspiring. To donate directly to Mayani farms rebuilding effort, click here.

Once we make all those donations, I will be happy to consider donating to organizations suggested by customers. Drop me a note with information about a worthy cause and I will certainly consider them for the next chunk of cash.

How to order:


If you’d like to pay in advance (NOT required but appreciated), go to my etsy store. You can order your size using this link. The etsy store is This is the simplest “one-stop” option where you can tell me your size, the number of shirts you want, and where to ship them — and take care of paying all in one swift and efficient check out. But then you need to wait… patiently!

To order on Facebook, go to Peeka’s page: and send me (and Peeka!) a message. You can also message me on my plain old personal account or at the haliagrace jewelry page,  All roads lead to Rome. You will need to include the number of shirts you want and the sizes, and where to ship them. You can pay once I am ready to ship. I can accept Paypal (email for paypal payments is purplemayajaya at yahoo dot com), or you can snail mail me a check. We can handle that via messages or emails.

In person:

To purchase a shirt face to face, and save on shipping, I will have them available at Catskill Regional Harvest in Delhi, NY. And, of course, I can always meet you on a park bench somewhere and make a transaction. In person I will be able to accept credit cards, cash or checks. Send a message or email and we can set something up!