Retail Therapy (a.k.a. Buy Stuff. Feel Good.)

Use this page to get cool stuff.  I have a small stash of my books to sell using Paypal.  You can pick up a copy of my critically acclaimed hiking novel, Honey Melon Fudge, or my critically panned mystery novel, Finders, Seekers, Losers, Keepers.  I also have cool t-shirts,travel mugs, tote bags and a few other things sitting in my closet.

My awesome friend and technowizard will link up this site and make the whole e-commerce thing function, but in the meantime, you can use email to get the ball rolling.  Email me at with your desired items and quantities and I’ll take care of the rest!

Honey Melon Fudge, signed paperback: $15

Finders, Seekers, Losers, Keepers; signed paperback: $10

both books: $22

Shipping is whatever the post office charges to ship to your zip.  No extra charges will be applied.

All the other stuff (travels mugs, etc) can be viewed at my cafepress store.  Click here to check out the store.  I have a small inventory here.  I’ll charge less than cafepress (figure a little more than yard sale prices, but less than regular retail), but I haven’t figured out prices yet.  If you see something you like, just ask!


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