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Cinder’s Death

I published this piece on my new blog, at http://www.haliagrace.com/blog/2020/6/10/finding-the-words-cinder but I decided to publish it here as well. Click the link for a couple of photos of Cinder at the end. Finding the right place to begin is a … Continue reading

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Training, Bonding, and Bliss

Puppies bring revelations. Don’t adopt a new pup if you’d rather not reconsider everything you thought you knew about dogs… and life. Having new energy in the house seems to wring new thoughts, feelings, and revelations from me on a … Continue reading

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Hot Hiking: Yoga Pants Trail Runners Style

Hot yoga is silly. But at least it’s over in an hour or two. Hot hiking – say, for example, taking on 24+ mile trail on the hottest and most humid day so far this summer (temps above 90 in … Continue reading

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No! Leave it! Come!

Based on the photos and stories I post, I suspect that many of my Facebook friends envision me enjoying the woods with my dogs rather like a spritely wood nymph, hopping from rock to rock, blissfully singing songs (Led Zeppelin … Continue reading

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Our Daily Walks, by Mica

Having cancer and having access to a computer has led me to be a little barkier than usual: I find myself eager to write to you humans and tell you more about what’s on my mind. Maybe it’s just that … Continue reading

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Guest Post by MicaPie Cancerpaws

Hello, my name is Mica, and I am a Belgian Malinois. My human has graciously allowed me to shove her out of the way and take my place at the keyboard. She writes this blog every now and then, but … Continue reading

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Unemployment, Or Defining What You Do By What You Aren’t Doing

I got dressed the other day in street clothes for the first time in two weeks.  Not hiking clothes and not yoga clothes, I actually took off my pj pants and donned real shoes (cowboy boots for those of you … Continue reading

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Guest post: Melissa on bushwacking

Picture this: a bird’s eye view of the Catskill Park, dotted with hikers scattered around in twos and threes, here and there, scrabbling up and down peaks and swimming through thick prickers and pines all weekend long.  And then, Sunday … Continue reading

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