About Heather Rolland

author of three novels: Finders, Seekers, Losers, Keepers, Honey Melon Fudge, and bullbearpigdog;  blogger, mom/chauffeur; ballgowned hiker; Belgian dog rescuer; Devil’s Path trail maintainer; beekeeper-in-training… Heather is a wearer of many hats!

Official bio:


Heather Rolland, a lifelong resident of New York’s Hudson Valley, divides her time between her handmade silver and gemstone jewelry business called Malaprop Designs, her ghostwriting career, and her efforts to create a self sufficient homesteader lifestyle. A quirky combination of home body and world traveler, she has spent time in India and Nicaragua, driven a pick-up truck across Canada, and traversed western Nepal in a Bedford bus. She is a registered yoga teacher, and has hiked the Catskill 35 in summer, winter, solo and ballgown rounds.  She has published her photos from India, and plans to drive on every single road in New York State as a life goal (she’s a decent part of the way there). She makes the western Catskills her home, with her husband, teenage daughters, and four rescue dogs (3 Belgian Malinois and 1 Belgian Groenendael).

Heather writes YogaPantsHikingBoots (you are here), a blog about all things Catskillian, hikerly, and often self-deprecating, with the occasional restaurant review or recipe thrown in.  Please see the “About YPHB” page for more details about this blog.

She is currently working on a memoir chronicling her journey through the Catskill 35 (the first time round, as it was inevitable that there will be multiple rounds), tentatively titled “Yoga Pants Hiking Boots.”  Think “Eat Pray Love” takes “A Walk in the Woods.”

4 Responses to About Heather Rolland

  1. Hi – I don’t know if you ‘do’ blog awards, but if you do, I have nominated you for one (you can see details on my home page if you wish)

  2. Dennis C martin says:

    Hi Heather I met you on Hunter Mtn. I am the retired Forest Ranger.I like your blogs and your way of thinking. All that glitters is not gold all those who wander are not lost. Shine On!!!!

  3. Greg Black says:

    Hello Heather,
    I have been finding and collecting crystals for over 30 years in the Ellenville area. I own and operate the hang.. gliding school here in Ellenville, Mountain wings Inc. If you are interested in knowing more contact me at, mtnwings@verizon.net.
    Greg Black

  4. Hello Heather,
    It was so good to see you in Halcott the other day for the screening of The Mica Movie.
    There is a small movie house a few block from my house in New York (here’s the link http://maysles.org/mdc/) where they show documentaries exclusively. I thought it might be a good place to show your film. Let me know if i can help in any way. In any case i can put you up for the night.
    With love,
    Michelle Bonfils

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